Savoury recipes

Parent/Children dishes

What I mean by parent/children dishes is that you make one dish and out of it you can make several different other dishes.


Healthy spicy beef – make a batch and then you have :

  • lasagna – I make them in foil pans alternating meat mix/lasagna sheets. I don’t add the Bechamel sauce then but rather make a fresh Bechamel as and when required
  • bolognese sauce – cook with spaghetti and you have spaghetti bolognese !
  • chilli – add beans, make a salsa (fresh diced tomatoes and cucumber, chives, parsley, red onion or spring onion, salt & pepper, extra virgin olive oil), grated cheese and voila!
  • on toast for a quick dinner with grated cheese on top
  • pasties – scoop some cold beef mixture onto a rectangle of pastry and fold into a pasty like shape. a bit of egg wash, in the oven and dinner is on the way 🙂


Whole chicken/turkey – poach it or roast it (make sure to keep the cooking liqueur if poached)

  • a “Sunday dinner” roast chicken/turkey
  • chicken noodle soup – sweat some diced onions, carrots and celery, add some of the shredded leftover chicken, some noodles (egg noodles, taglietelle or spaghetti cut in half), some vegetable or chicken stock
  • Chicken pot pie – see my recipe for the filling



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