Homemade body & face cream

I like to know what goes in my face cream. As a rule, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, well maybe it shouldn’t be in there. I switched over to a natural face cream quite some time ago, but I wondered if maybe I could make it myself. So I went on a scouting mission on the internet to look for a good face cream recipe and here it is. At first I made two separate batches : one for the face and one for the rest of the body, now I only make one.


1 part beeswax pellets

1 part coconut oil

1 part mixture of shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter

I put the above in a bain-marie and gently let it melt (it does take a wee while – tip : I found the beeswax were the last to melt so I put them at the bottom of the bowl)

then I turn off the heat and add :

1 part apricot kernel oil (you could use almond oil)

a few squirts of jojoba oil

a couple of squirts of argan oil

I mix it well, pour it into a container (I use small glass jars or sometimes I pour it into silicone baking moulds) and let it cool down.

This cream isn’t totally hard but it’s not too soft either.


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