About me


I’m Cinnie, French born and living in beautiful Scotland.

I have decided to write down recipes and tips which I frequently use. I am not fooling anybody here, least of all myself, I will never be as good a cook as my mum. I am not here to rewrite history, merely to give you an insight into my kitchen and share my planning and cooking style. . I hope it helps you.

As you will notice when it comes to savoury food recipes, there is no measure against the ingredients – I don’t very often (actually almost never) follow a recipe to a tee and certainly never measure out ingredients but rather take inspiration and then create my own with ingredients I have on hand, what’s in season or what I fancy. We all have different tastes (I don’t like my food too spicy, I love vegetables and I put oats in just about everything) and it’s up to you to customise your dish as you see fit.

The food recipes on this website have been approved by my husband – I have a book at home and when I make a dish which he likes, then he declares that it should go “in the book”.