Carrot/Gingerbread pancakes

Sunday night came and with that the realisation that I hadn’t made any breakfast bread. I could easily have put together a breakfast loaf, it only takes minutes to throw together when you have a breadmaker. Then I thought I would make a carrot cake instead since I was thinking of making chicken in the oven, which would make good use of the oven. However me and the hubby decided against it. Anyway I still didn’t have anything prepared for my breakfast. Which is when I thought of making carrot pancakes. I looked up recipes on Pinterest, but none really convinced me, so I whipped up my one.

Note : this recipe is for a Thermomix, however I’m sure it would work perfectly fine with a blender or just a good ol’ mixing bowl and spatula.


Use the American pancake recipe tweaked as follows :

  1. throw in 2 carrots and grate until fine (about 40 seconds at speed 5)
  2. 100g coconut milk solids with 300g water (around 8 minutes, 75C, speed 1)
  3. let it cool down (I put mine in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes)
  4. add a banana and mix (a few seconds at speed 5)
  5. follow the rest of the recipe but swap the butter for coconut oil, the sugar for coconut sugar, substitute 50g of plain flour for wholemeal flour and add 50g oats